Friday, 1 July 2011


I had taken this picture in May. Often in my hometown of Leicester we have the local Christians preaching the ways of God, Jesus and the ways of cleansing your soul. The air is warm and the faint smells of the German food market linger and whistle through the streets as if begging you do buy some meat for dinner later that evening. I put my back against a shop front spark up a cigarette, it crackles and burns satisfyingly. I then listen in anonymously just the way I like it.

I could hear people passing by laughing and dismissing what these people were saying with such empty minds. These thoughts punch through me with disappointment. I wouldn’t say I’m a particularly religious person but I’m one of kindness and curiosity I like asking questions especially to that of topics that are subjective to the human race. People are quick to forget that most life’s rules and regulations are founded upon a particular belief system and shoved down our throats to accept them or face consequences. No pudding if you don’t eat your meat would be a kinder way of putting it.

I stubbed my cigarette out and put it in a refuse bin situated near the preachers. There was a gap separating these people from the rest of the public like an invisible ring of flames or protective band that kept and warned people away on a subconscious level. The hecklers were scared of being influenced or to ask questions that would hurt deep down in their minds. Like old cogs grinding once again after years of rust and neglect.

Being the person that I ‘am I stepped through this boundary and said hello and greeted them. We spoke about forgiveness for awhile and then I departed. Despite differences in opinions it was a pleasant and engaging conversation.

We all have ghosts of the past and experiences that are so cringe worthy. Sometimes we even tell ourselves in the deepest darkest closet of our minds ‘wish I wouldn’t of done that' or ‘Maybe if I did things differently’. Most people would say forgive others for all the wrong they have done to you. However, I truly believe that we need to start forgiving ourselves more. How can one ever get peace when there’s an eternal conflict within your own conscience? Without inner peace it becomes difficult to show others that positive effect so to speak. Every heard the phrase, love yourself before you love others? Similar principles.

We all need closure. So close that book of woe and open up the book of unknown and start writing new chapters in life but most importantly choose to enjoy every moment forever in the present.

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